APCO - LS - Supply of Uniform Cloth to Rajiv Vidya Mission Schools for the academic year 2012-13

Rc.190 State Best Teacher & NFTW Awards Selected Teachers List for 2013

NFTW best teacher awards-2013|||||| State best teachers awards-2013

GO.52 Dt 28.08.13 Enhancement of MDM Scheme from 1.7.13, for P.S Rs.4.35 & for U.P, H.S Rs.6

GO.51 Dt 24.8.13 Voluntary Retairment of teachers even thugh not compleating 20 yrs services

RC.357 Dt 27.08.13 Guidelines for Engaging Art Craft Vocational Instructors in KGBV

Rc 556 Dt 12.8.13 Organization of School Complex meetings and Guidelines to utilise school complex grants

Audit Report Formats SMC, CRC, MRC 2012-13

RVM Grants Utilisation Guidelines for 2013-14

All SMCs Plce Uniform Order to APCO throgh Online

|||| ||||

RVM CCE Summative Model Papers - 2013

Rc.142 Dt 14.08.13 Guidelines for Utilizing Services of DLMTs for 2013-14

Rc.900 Dt 14.08.13 RVM CCE Summative Exams Prepation of Summative Q Papers for 2013-14

National Means -cum-Merit Scholorship Scheme Examination for class VIII

Go.233 Dt 13.08.13 Sanction of 2825 Teacher Posts for Ashram Schools in Tribal Welfare Deptartment-2013-14

Download the Sanction of 2825 Teacher Posts Details

 Rc.1000 Dt 13.08.13 Aided Teachers Rationalisation Promotions  Transfers Schedule for 2013-14

RC.556 Dt.12.08.2013 Organization of School Complex Meetings 2013-14

Memo.25994 Dt 08.08.13 APNGOs Association Strike Notice

Memo.118 & Memo.7380 Encashment of half pay leave at the retirement for ZP Municipal Employees.pdf

RC.512 Dt 06.08.13 Payment of Uniforms amount to Agencies based on Cloth Quality.pdf

Rc.840 Dt 06.08.13 ICT Computer Labs in High Schools to be Maintained by Teachers

Rc.305 Subject wise Work Distribution in Primary Schools Instead of Clsswise Responsibilities

Rc.233 Dt 24.07.13 RVM Escort Allownce to CWSN Children

Go.199 Dt 30.07.13 APGLI Deductions from the first month of Salary for new Employees Dt 28.07.13 Cases against Evaders of Gram Panchayat Election Duties

Rc.111 Dt 27.07.13 RMS Funds Audit by Charted Accounts.pdf

(RMSA Expenditure Statement   ||||||||  RMSA Utilization Certificate)

Memo.15256 Dt.25.07.13 Enhancment of Remuneration Pyable Re.1000 to Returning Officer

Rc.5234 Dt 17.07.13 Procurement of Uniforms for 2013-14.pdf Dt 17.07.13 State best Teacher Awards Selection Process for 2013-14

(Process of Marks for State best Teacher Awards   ||||||||  State best Teachers Awards Application Form-2013-14)

Go.1024 Dt 22.07.13 Panchayat raj Elections Remuneration further Go.1197 Amendment orders

Rc.249 Dt 20.07.13 Training to RPs Teachers on new text books 2013-14

Go.543 & Go.1077 Election Duty Remuneration Rates

GO.1197 Dt 20.07.13 Enhanced Remuneration Rates for 4th Panchayat Elections

GO.554 Dt 20.07.13 Loans to Government Servants for purchase of Motor Cars

GO.552 Dt 20.07.13 Budget released for Loans to Government Servants for House Building purpose

GO.576 Dt 20.07.13 Budget released for advances for Govt.employees to buy personal computers

RC.925 Dt.19.07.13 Guidelines for Conducting Formative Assessment- 1 under CCE

Proc.1256 Dt 18.07.13 Change of Joint Account to Draw SSA Funds to HM & Newly elected Chairman

RC.5234 Dt.17.07.13 Procurement of Uniforms from APCO for the year 2013-14

Rc.1169 Dt 11.07.13 Aided Secondary Schools 2nd Quarter Salaries budget Released.pdf

Rc.1141 Dt 11.07.13 Aided Primary Schools,Sanskrit Schools 2nd Quarter Salaries Budget Released.pdf

Memo.853/133 Dt 06.07.13 All the Arrears Credited to CSS Should be paid in Cash.pdf

Rc.211 Dt 10.07.13 Meena Prapancham Radio Program Trainings to Teachers.pdf

GO.42 Dt 12.07.13-Administrative sanction to 355 Model Schools in AP by AP Govt

GO.189 Dt 10.07.13 APGLI Common Proposal Form for Fresh Enhancement

Go.2931 Dt 10.07.13 Online Payment of Loans and Claims to the Policy Holder of APGLI Fund

Rc.201 Dt 09.07.13 Urdu Schools, DIETs, Urdu Parallel Sections Timings from 8 AM to 1.30 PM during RAMZAN Month(10Jul-9Aug)

Go.187 Dt 09.07.13 Contribution of Half day Basic Pay to CM Relief Fund from July 2013 Salary

Go.1127 Dt 08.07.13 Holiday on Gram Pnchyats Elections Poling Day to Govt.Offices & Schools

Memo No.751Dt 05.07.13 Muslim Employes Leave office 4pm during Ramzan month

Rc.741 Dt 02.07.13 Method of Monitoring at Different Levels

Rc.213 Dt 28.06.13 Enhancement of Honororiu of CRPs to Re.7000

Rc.314 Dt 02.07.013 Senior HM of the Mandal Will be Kept as FAC MEO

Go.57 Dt 02.07.13 Guidelines for sanction of Pre Matric Scholorship to SC Students studying from Class V to VII from the year 2013-2014

Go.183 Dt 02.07.13 Recruitments-Filling of 24,708 vacant posts through Direct Recruitment-Permission to the Recruiting Agencies

Lr.Rc.113 Dt.01.07.13 Payment of Salaries for newly Created 10917 SGT,SA,LP posts allotted to SSA

GO.1077 Dt 01.07.13 1st-Remuneration for Panchayat Raj Elections

Rc.33 Dt 29.06.13 Guidelines for Engaging Care Giving Volunteers for CWSN Children

Rc.541 Dt 25.06.13 - School Leadership Standards-Two Days Orientation Program

Rc.746 Dt 24.06.13 Guidelines for Conducting SMS Elections in Schools before June 29

Rc.158 Dt20.06.13 Guidelines for Engaging Data Entry Operators and Messengers at MRCs, DPOs

Rc.3981 Dt 15.06.13 -Preperation of Seniority lists of all Teachers

Go.12 Dt 21.06.13 Sanction of a new BC Residential School for Fishermen Children (Girls) at East Godavari District

GO.40,AIDED Teachers Rationalization Details in Telugu

Go.41 Dt 19.06.13 AP Rules 2010 Amendments - SMC Formation Rules

GO.40 Dt 18.06.13 Aided Teachers Promotions -Transfers

GO.39 Dt 17.06.13 Aided Schools Rationalisation - Certain Amendments to GO.1 of 1.1.94

Rc.293- Dt 14.06.13 Providing Computers and Furniture to UP Schools above 100 Roll

Rc.355- Education Fortnight from 22nd June to 5th July

Rc.111- Dt 12.06.13 6Days Computer Training to CAL School Teachers between 1st July- 31 Aug

Rc.197- Dt 12.06.13 Computer Operators and Staff in Model Schools through Agencies

Rc.286 Dt 12.06.13 -RVM Guidelines on Providing Transport Facility to Children for 2013-14

GO.138 Dt 13.06.13 New DA@54.784 to the State Government Pensioners from 1st January 2013

Rc.945 Dt 11.06.13 RVM Sanction of School Grants, Maintenance Grants for 2013-14

GO.136 Dt 11.06.13 New DA@54.784 to the State Government Employees from 1st January 2013 – Sanctioned

Go 282 Dt 11.06.13 Amendments to AP Panchayat Raj (Reservation of seats & offices of Gram Panchayats, Mandal Praja Parishads & Zilla Praja Parishads) Rules 2006

UGC Clarification on Vinayaka Mission Deemed University Status in AP

GO.518 Dt 07.06.13-S.Siva Subramanyam is the St Public Information Officer of Education Department

Rc.1485 Dt 04.06.13 Teacher less Schools-Work Adjustment Deputation

Rc.249 Dt 03.06.13 School and Class Readiness Program from 12-30June

GO.132 Dt 03.06.13 Direct Recruiements through APPSC, State Police Board - Dept Selection Committee

Rc.132-Dt 30.05.13 ELs for SSC Advance Supplementary Exams Duty during Summer 2013

Rc.766-Duties of MIS Coordinators with regard to Maintenance of Accounts

GO.126 Dt 29.05.13-Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) Accumulated Savings Fund Tables For 2013-2014

Rc.347- Dt 28.05.13 IE Activities during Education Fortnight

Rc.No.574 Dt 24.05.13 Engaging Community Mobilizers in Low Retention and High Out of School Children Group areas

GO.No.38 Dt 28.05.13 Govt extended the Benifit of Rs.10000 Funeral Carges to Teaching - Non Teaching staff in Aided Schools

Guidelines on Education Fortnight for 2013-14

Cir.No.355 Dt 25.05.13 Activities for Education Fortnight from 1st June 2013

Rc.No.550 Dt 22.05.2013 Model Schools Admissions-2013-Certain instructions to the respective MEOs

GO.124 Dt 24.05.13 No Need to Submit Proposals for Enhancement of APGLI Policies

Rc.No.780 Dt 16.05.13 Deletion of Attractive words like as IIT Olympiade- Techno ConceptPublic..etc in Private Schools Name

Rc.No.393 Dt 17.05.13 Teleconference to all CRPs, MandaI and District MIS Coordinators, M.E.Os and District Project Sectoral Officers

Teleconference to all CRPs, MandaI and District MIS Coordinators, M.E.Os and District Project Sectoral Officers on 23.5.2013

GO.Ms.119 Dt.17.05.2013 Government Imposed Ban on General Transfers

RC.541 Dt.16.05.2013 Orientation Programme to DEO, MEOs, DyEOs, MRGs

Rc.834 Dt.15.05.2013 FAC Arrangements for Dy.E.Os Certain Instructions

Rc.No.766 Dt 09.05.13 One day Training to Mandai MIS Coordinators on accounting, procurement and internal audit

Rc.K2/3514 Dt 10-05-13-Clarification on Tribal Welfare Teachers Transfers counselling

Rc.1485 Dt 10-05-13-Seniority of Inter District Transferred - Clarification by DSE

GO.112 Dt:10.05.2013 AP Employees Basic Pay reduced from Rs.27,700/- to 18,030/- for motor car advance eligibility

GO.56 Dt.6-7-2012 All the Vacancies of SGTs shall be notified without Blocking

GOMs.106 Dt.3-05-13 Staff and Expenditure Sanctioned for 10th PRC

Memo.1256, Dt 06.05.13 Collecting monthly wise Financial Information from BRC,CRC and SMC by the Mandal MIS Coordinators

Rc.No.537, Dt 04.05.2013 Assessment of performance ,Re-engaging of Staff working and Vacancy position in KGBVs

Rc.1485/D3-1 Dt 06.05.13-Spouse Grounds Last Transfer Teachers can also be shifted under Rationalisation

Rc.1485/D3-1 Dt 06.05.13-Notify Vacancies after Rationalisation as per GO.55 & 61

Rc.1485/D3-1 Dt 04.5.13 Latest Instructions on Transfers and Rationalisation

GO.34 Dt 03.04.13 Teachers Transfers and Guidelines 2013 and Schedule

GO.33 02.04.13-Teachers Transfers and Guidelines 2013 and Schedule

Rc.No.1485 Dt02-05-13 AP Teachers Transfers and Rationalization Schedule

Rc.No.5730 Dt.29.04.2013 All RVM Contract Staff Re-Engaged

GO.Rt.2142 Dt.30.04.2013 GPF Interest Rate Reduced from 8.8- to 8.7

Rc.512 Dt 23.04.13 Procurement of Uniforms by SMCs-Mode of Payment of amt

Rc.512 Dt 25.04.13 Issue of Guidelines for Procurement of Uniforms-Clarification

Rc.K23514 Dt 25.04.13 Tribal Welfare Teachers Transfers Schedule and Guidelines

Lr.Rc.323 Dt 24.04.13 - Rationalisation Process - Communication of Lists by DSE

Memo.4966 Dt 23.4.13-The IR and PRC 2012 Arrears of CPS, should be paid in Cash

Notification No.333 Dt 27.04.13 RVM Sectoral Officers and Assistant Sectoral Officers Recruitment Notification

Rc.265 Inspire Awards Scheme 2013-14 Guidelines Proforma

Rc.265 Inspire Awards Scheme 2013-14 Schedule and Details

Rc.5730 Dt 18.04.13-Re-Engaging the CRPs, MIS Coordinators, Part Time Instructors, IERTs - Guidelines

GO.MS.100 Dt.22.04.2013 Transfers and Posting of Employees Certain Guidelines

Rc.1545 Dt 20.4.13 - Relieve the 2012 Transferred Teachers who are not yet relieved

Lr.Rc.323 Dt 18.4.13 Rationalisation of Teachers further Instructions

Rc.912B1- Dt 18.04.13 Educational Activities during 1st Week of June

Memo.A4706 Funds released to Zero Enrolment Schools during 2012-13 should be returned to DPOs

Rc.111 Dt 15.4.13 - CAL School Teachers Computer Training in Summer 2013

Rc.5730  Dt 18.04.13-Re-Engaging the CRPs, MIS Coordinators, Part Time Instructors, IERTs - Guidelines

Rc.512 Dt 16.04.13-Procurement of Uniforms Cloth - Sample Cloth collection by RVM Officers

Rc.293 Dt 15.04.13-Supply of Computers, Inverters, UPs, PA Systems to MRCs

Rc.111 Dt 09.04.13 - Teacher Should submit their Address during summer Vacation

Circular.14 Dt.12.03.2013 Bi-cycles to Muslim Minority VII Class Girls

RC.484 Dt.12.04.2013 Collection Data Entry of UDISE Details

RC.100 Dt.06.04.2013 Serve Mid Day Meal at 11 AM to avoid hungry for last Period

RC.185 Dt.06.04.2013 Pay Rs.500 to CCH for maintaining Toilets Clean

RC.K2 370 Dt.04.04.2013 Time Scale to TW DSC-2012 Teachers

GO.Ms.25 Dt.04.04.13 TGT,PGT Selection Approved Guidelines

Memo.1256 Dt.03.04.13 Conduction Account Verifications by State Account Teams

RC.138 Dt.03.04.2013 Instructions on Dress Code for Teachers

RC.755 Dt.03.04.13 School Monitoring by State Sectoral Officers from 8th-10th of April 2013

RC.172 Dt.02.04.2013 Step Up Of Pay Instructions

RC.22 Dt.23.03.13 Aided Teachers Can also Encash Halfpay Leaves @ Rtrmnt

RC.2974 Dt.20.03.13 Aided Notional Increments Copy Communicated to RJD,DEOs

RC.5730 Dt.30.03.2013 Continue VVs in UPS upto April 23rd if needed

RC.71 Dt.25.03.2013 RMSA Grants for 2012-13

RC.9 Dt.30.03.2013 SSC Exam Center Timings Desission Given to Collectors

GO.129 Dt.30.03.13 Service Rules Amendment Age Concession for SC,STs for N.B

Rc.679 - Dt 18.03.13 Conduct Orientation Training to CRPs, in order to conduct training to SMC Members

Rc.512RVM dt 25.3.13 and GO.24 dt 22.3.13 - Procure Uniforms from APCO

Rc.No.113/IC-1/2012 - Rationalisation Guidelines as per UDISE Click Here

Cir.267 & Proc Rc.267 - Procurement of Book Shelves for schools instructions

GO.58 Dt.19/03/13 - Permission for Sanction of 320 Hostel Welfare Officers in SW Department

GO.Ms.110 Dt.18/03/13 AP Cilvil Services Appeal Amendments

RC.172 Dt.23/02/12 Clarifications on Step up Facility for Teachers

RC.9 Dt.15/03/13 SSC Exam Center School Timings during summer

RC.9 Dt.14/03/13 Half day Schools from 15.03.13 Time:08.00am to 12.30pm

GO.18 Dt.13/03/13 -Sanction of Notional Increments to Aided Teachers for Apprentice Period

GO.Ms.54 Dt.13/03/13 NPS Errata Instructions

GO.Ms.55 Dt.13/03/13 Perminent,Temporay,Supernumerory Post in Dept

RC.211 Dt.13/02/13 Meena Prapancham School Level Activites

Lr.No.211 Dt.07/03/13 Meena Prapacham Effectiveness Study

GO.358 Dt.11/03/13 - DSE can sanctin Leave for D.Ed Students upto One Academic Year

Rc.1069 Dt.07/03/13 -Aided Secondary 4th Quarter Salaries Budget & Annex

Rc.755 Dt.11/03/13 - Monitoring in Schools - Guidelines

Memo.SSA-March- Conduct Special Drive as UCs and SMC Account Statements are not Matching

RC.433 Dt.07.03.2013 Special Casual Leave for APREI Society Women Staff

GO.433 Dt.04.08.2010 Womens Day Celebrations GO and Attendance Certificate

GO.101 Dt 06.03.13 - Seniority of AP Last Grade Employee Transferred From One Dept to another Dept

Memo.2557 Dt 20.02.13-CPS Subscriptions Not deducted Earlier should be recovered now

Rc.2038 Dt 04.03.13 -Sanction of Earned Leaves for APOSS Exams in Summer 2012

GO.99 Dt 04.03.13 - PH Reservations - Roster Points - Amendment to AP Sub Service Rules 1966

Memo.No.2143 Dt 02.03.13 - DTA clarification to DTOs to admit DSC 2012 Salary Bills

Rc.No.6921 Dt 01.03.13 - DSE Clarifications mentioning the Pay Scales of DSC 2012 Teachers

GO.No.95 Dt 28.02.13 - Appointment of Sri.P.K.Agarwal as Chairman for 10th PRC

Rc.No.172 Dt 23.02.13 - Clarifications on Step-Up of Pay for Teachers

G0.43 Dt 23.02.13- Sanction of 10,917 Teacher Posts Proposed by SSA(RVM) required under the RTE Act

Rc.5730 - Dt 14.02.13 - Termination of Services of VVs, MIS, CRPs, IERTs, Data Entry Operators

GO.60 15.02.13 - Medical Reimbursement facility to Municipal Teachers

RC.211 Dt.13.02.2013 Meena Prapancham School Level Activities

Rc.655 - Conducting training to School Management Committee Members in context of RTE Act

Rc.512/C2 dt 7.11.12 - Guidelines for Uniforms for 2012-13

RC.367 Dt.11.02.2013 Teacher Training Teams Engaging Team Members

Proc 1041 8Feb -Release of 4th Quarter Salaries Budget of Aided School Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

GO.Ms.17 Dt.11.02.2013 Model School Admissions Guidelines

RC.393 Dt.11.02.2013 5th School Complex Meetings Postponed

RC.No.6921 Dt.09.02.2013 Regular Pay to DSC-2012 Teachers

Memo.509 Dt.08.02.2013 Time Scale to DSC-2012 Teachers

GO.Ms.48 Dt.08.02.2013 Muncipal Teachers Salaries Under 010 Head

GO.Ms.82 Dt.04.02.2013 Revised Professional Tax

RC.393 Dt.05.02.2013 5th School Complex Meeting on February 12th-13th

RC.213 Dt.01.02.2013 Instructions to CRPs, TA for CRPs

Memo.258 Dt.29.01.2013 Special CL on 21st for MLC Elections

RC.677 Dt.31.01.2013 Strengthining 100 above Enrollment Schools Dt 19.01.13 No further FAC charges to Gz.HMs to the posts of DyEO, MEOs

Go.133 Dt 24.01.13 Providing drinking water facility in 10104 Schools in Rural Areas

Go.223 Dt 22.01.13 New C category SSC Exam Centers for 2013

GO.Ms.22 Dt.22.01.2013 CPS 90- of DA Arears of Earlier periods will be paid in Cash

GO.Ms.21 Dt.21.01.2013 Delegation Power to ADs to Sanction APGLI Loan upto 1 Lakh

Proc.1041 - Aided Primary Teachers - 4th quarter Salaries Budget release

Spl. Language Test (SOT Code : 37) held in Nov’2012 Results

Rc.267/RVM (SSA) Dt 15.01.13  Procurement of Book Shelf to Primary and Upper Primary Schools for setting of School Libraries for the year 2011–12

Rc.81 Jan11th - Assessment of achievement levels of children by CRPs, VVs - complete details

Rc.815 dt 1.9.1999 - Prefixing and suffixing the Summer and Term Holidays - Clarifications

Rc.132 17.01.13 - PSUP HMs can buy any approved books from School Grant of 2012-13

GO.17 Dt 16.01.13 Andhra Pradesh Municipal Ministerial Sub Ordinate Service Rules

RC.57 dt 10.01.2013 Inclusive Education Activites

Circular.878 dt 07.01.2013 Instructions on Utilaise Unspent Balance

Rc.527 Dt 05.01.13 Teleconference to MEOsCRPs and DPO Staff on 10th Jan

Rc.574 Dt 05.01.13 Community Mobilizers appointment in High OSC Low retention Habitations

Memo.23864 - Rc.2974 - Dt 02.01.13 Notional Increments for JLs, who worked as Apprentice Teachers in schools

Rc.1069 - Release of Aided Teachers 3rd quarter Salaries Budget

GO.1837 Dt 27.12.12- Charges for Enrolling Health Cards at E Seva is Rs.35 and Rs.15 for each Family Member

Memo.1607 Dt 26.12.12 Instructions on Making Toilets functional in all PS, UP, HS

Rc.81 Dt.22.12.12 Assessment of Achievement levels of Children in PS,UP,HS

Go.343 Dt 22.12.12 Gratuity Will be the next in line Beneficiary, if Family Pension Beneficiary Missed

Go.341 Dt 21.12.12 Creation - Sanction of 1476 SA(Spl Techers) Post for Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage

MEMO.132 Instructions on Revised Attestation Form for Antecedants Verification

MEMO.29978- Clarification Instructions on Local & Non Local Issue for DSC 2012

GO.336 Dt 20.12.12 CPS Amounts of Employees under apprenticeshiptraining period prior to 1.9.04

GO.805 Dt 19.12.12. Construction of Committee of secretaries to Study the Structure of the School Edu Dept

Rc.365 Instructions on Procurement of Games and Sports Material in UP Schools

Rc.149 Dt 14.12.12 SSC Exam fee Extension upto Jan 3rd under Tatkal Scheme with a late fee of Rs.1000-

Rc.54 Dt 11.12.12 Monthly promotions before to DSC 2012 appointments

Circular.267 dt 07.12.2012 Procurement of Book shelves from given Agencies

Lr.677 Dt 06.12.12 SPD instructions to furnish proposals for New PrimaryUP Schools as per RTE Norms

Rc.677 Dt 30.11.12 Habitation Plan (AWP-B) 2013-14 Detailed Schedule Click here Habitation Plans

RC.726 dt 06.12.2012 4th School Complex on 12th, 13th

GO.Rt.776 dt 05.12.2012 Constituted a committe to Visit Tamilnadu for Merging TET - DSC

RC.09 dt 05.12.2012 Half Yearly Exams Schedule and Term Holidays Schedule

GO 34 Dt 04.12.12 Committee Constituted for Protection of Child Rights

GO.307 Dt 03.12.12 - Counting EOL Period for sanctioning of Notional Increments - Pension

GO.Rt.696 dt 29.11.2012 SA Deputation for DIET Lecturers

RC.1863 dt 24.11.2012 DSC-2012 Schedule

Guidelines and timeline on Anganwadi Workers survey on CWSN & Out of School Children

Rc.149 Dt 23.11.12 SSC Public Exams March 2013 date Extended Late fee with Rs.500/- -

Go Rt.5363,5364 Dt 22.11.12 General Holidays&Optional Holidays for the year 2013

Go Rt.681 Dt 22.11.12 Grant of Renewal / Fresh Affiliation to the (30+2) Private D.Ed Colleges for the year 2012-2013

Go.Rt 4373 Dt 21.11.12 Budget Estimates 2012-13 - Budget Release Order for Rs. 430000 - to MINORITIES WELFARE, HOD orders

RC.726 dt 21.11.2012 Revised Complex Dates (28th Postponed to 3rd December)

RC.726 dt 17.11.2012 School Complex Meetings for Primary School Teachers on 27 & 28th November 2012

RC.142 dt 17.11.2012 Training to Divison Level Monitoring Teams

RC.450 dt 17.11.2012 Workshop on Summative Test-2

RC.1284 dt 15.11.2012 Instructions on SC,ST Teachers Promotions for GHM

G.O.Ms.298 Dt 15.11.12 Pension – DR From 01.07.2012@5.992% &  DR 47.936

GO.Ms.297 Dt 14.11.12 Employees - DA FROM 01.07.12@5.992%  & Total DA 47.936 

Memo.1256 dt 15.11.2012 Collecting BRC CRC SMC Details on Monthly Basis 

RC.517 dt 09.11.2012 Chinnari Choopu Programme Instructions 

RC.1863 dt 06.11.2012 DSE Permitted to Start DSC-2012 Recruitment
Rc.2458 Dt 30.10.12 No Deputation of teachers as DPO's in DEO offices

Rc.211 Dt 26.1012 MEOs should monitor atleast 8 Schools on implementation of Meena Prapancham Radio Program

RC.2772 dt 06.11.2012 Furnish Karnataka TTC Candidates List

Memo.7208 dt 03.11.12 Nov 3rd- Election commission clarifications on submission of Form 18&19

GO.RT.635 Dt 02.11.12Upgradation of 36 MPUP-Govt UP schools into VIII Class

UO.Note 34144 dt 03.11.12 On 610 G.O Writ petitions Censoring Implementation

GO Ms.91 dt 03.11.12 DSC 2012 Teachers Recruitment Rules - Guidliens

Rc.755 Dt 02.11.12 Revised Monitoring dates by State level teams

RC.211 Dt 30.10.12- Conduct of Meena Vedika Competition to children at Skul level - prizes on Nov 14th

RC 2458 dt 30.10.12 No Teacher Shall be Sepliyed for any Non-Educationl Purpose

Go Ms.635 dt 02.11.12 Upgradation of 36 MP - Govt UP Schools into VIII Class in AP

Go Ms.90 01.11.12 Computer Education Programme (CEP) Implementation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme of (ICT) in 700 Government Junior Colleges from 2012-13

Dt 24.10.12 Children's day competitions at various levels

Rc.755 dt 26.10.12 State Level Monitoring Teams Visit Schedule and Team members details

Go.Ms 82,83 Dt 23.10.12 TE -APTES -Orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.75, H.E.(TE.I) Deptt., dated 3.10.2012

RC.512 dt 17.10.2012 Students Particulars for Uniforms

RC.597 dt 13.10.2012 Video Conference to all POs and EEs on water facility in Sch

RC.149 dt 11.10.2012 SSC Fee Revised Dates

RC.537 dt 06.10.2012 Guidelines on ACR

Rc.537 dt 06.10.12 Rc.537 Instructions to DEOs, POs on Additional Class Rooms For the Year 2012-13

Go.No.78 dt 09.10.12 Fixation of Fee structure for MBA MCA courses in Private Unaided Professional Institutions in the State of AP for the academic year 2012-13

RC.470 dt 08.10.2012 Inter District Transfers G.O copy communicated to DEOs

RC.16 dt 05.10.2012 Inter District Tournament Information

RC.2428 dt 06.10.2012 DSC-1998 Court Case Details

Go.Ms.77 dt 06.10.12 Constitution of Task Force for Inspection of Professional Colleges in the State

Dt 25.09.12 Aided Schools Staff - 3rd Quarter Salaries Budget Release

RC.142 dt 04.10.2012 Subject Training to Upper Primary Level Teachers

GO.Ms.86 dt 04.10.2012 Inter District Transfers Guidelines

Honble CM anouncement on DSC 2012 Results

RC.450 dt 03.10.2012 Summative Tests Postponed to 29.10.2012

Memo.1256 dt 29-09-12 Senior Head Masters are attached drawing Powers Jointly with MEO in place of MRPs

Rc.484 Collection Of Student Profile With DISE- Instructions-||Model Student Profile||

GO.4562 Sep27th - Sep 29th is Holiday in Twincities, RR Districts and 13th Oct is Working Day

RC.310 dt 23-09-12 Vidya Volunteer's Honorarium from DPO Through Online only

RC.255 dt 20.09.2012 Relesed amount for Uniforms Stiching for the year 2012-13

RC.3843 dt 18.09.2012 Implement 2 Notional Increments to Muncipal Teachers

D.O.Lr.No.557 - SMCs should be given freedom for Utilization of School Grants

SSA Circular dt 24.09.2012 on November 14th Celebrations

Rc.6244 dt 22-09-12 Sep 22nd Hike in MRC,DPO Messengers Salary to Re.6000- w.e.f 1st Oct 2012

Rc.702 dt 21-09-12 Submiting Viit Reports Through Online by Mandal,Ditric Level Officers

Rc.746 dt 21-09-12 Atending chool Prayer by School Mgt Committee Members daily

RC.3782 dt 21.09.2012 Enrollment of Balance OSC

GO.Ms.85 dt 21.09.2012 Permitted to Recruit Already Processed Posts

RC.517 dt 21.09.2012 Eyes Screenig for School Age Children

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Dt 18.02.13 Engg-Submission of the DISE for the year 2012-13

Rc.460 Dt 16.02.13 Practical examinations Scheduled to commence from 06-02-2013 and Theory Examinations Scheduled to Commence from 06-03-2013

Rc.77 Dt 14.02.13 Certain Demands of Junior Lecturers

Dt 31.01.13 Distribution of Minimum Learning Material for class X students

Rc.7113 Dt 29.01.13 SSC TARGETS 2013

Rc.1289 Dt 29.01.13 Sanction of To - From charges for SSC - Intermediate public examinations 2013

Instructions on how to submit the Spl Tests marks(Online) info

Rc.10626 Dt 16.01.13 Promotion of T.G. Teachers having III Class in PGB.Ed. to the post of PG Teacher

Rc.1607 Dt 07.01.13 KGBVs – Conduct of Special Coaching for SSC Students in Pongal Holidays – Not feasible Orders

Dt 05.01.12 Conduct of Regional Review meetings with the Principals of APREInstitutions and KGBVs

Rc 2441 Dt 05.01.13 KGBV Supply of Uniforms provided to the Students of KGBVs from the year 2005-06 to 2009

Dt 04.01.13 Conduct of Regional review meetings with the Principals of APR Schools and Colleges

Dt 03.01.13 Revised Menu for implementation in KGBV Schools as per the revised Diet charges

Rc.4402 Dt 28.12.12 APR Schools - Colleges-Procurement of LPG Cylinders in respect of Institutions where catering services are outsourced

Rc.120 Instructions to the Special Officers of all KGBVs to obtain the Broad band internet connection from M/s BSN Ltd

Dt 17.12.12-Particulars of Teachers drafted for Supervised study and Holiday Duties

Rc.01 Dt 17.12.12 Particulars of OMR applications sale and remittance of amount

Rc.11698 Dt.04.12.12 Effective Organization of Physical Education Activities in APR Schools

RC. 6 Dt 01-12-12 Re-submission of pending bills upto 31.5.2012 of 45 B.C.Residential Schools

Rc.34482 Dt30.11.12 Continue the services of CRTs working in APR Schools and KGBVs under controlled by APREI Society

Dt 26.11.12 Disclosure of assets of department in Prescribed proforma

Rc.385 Dt 26.11.12 APREIS-Particulars of TGTs and PGTs

Dt 22.11.12 APR Institutions - KGBV Schools – Submit the details as per the prescribed proforma – Instructions issued

Rc.10626 Dt 20.11.12 Promotion of T.G.Teachers having III Class in PGB.Ed. to the post of PG Teacher

Rc.2646 Dt 20.11.12 Submission of Annual Property Returns for the year 2012-13 by all Government Servants

Dt 20.11.12 Implementation of Biometric Attendance system in APRE Institutions - KGBVs

Rc.10735 Dt 19.11.12 Particulars of Non-Teaching staff-Reminder

Rc.191 Dt 17.11.12 Staff repatriated from MJPPBCREIS-Posting orders Issued

Rc.5227 Dt 17.11.12 Admission into Class V, Backlog vacancies into Classes VI - VII for the year 2012-13 through Random selection method

Dt 15.11.12 Conduct of Video Conference with the Principals of APREIS and Special officers of KGBVs on 21.11.2012

Rc.1411 Dt 14.11.12 To furnish the particulars of the Retired employees working as Special officers in KGBV schools



Rc.2154 Dt 15.10.12 Supply of Uniform cloth for students VI to X standards girls students in KGBVS for the year 2012-13

A.P.R.Schools and KGBVs Institution codes to used for all purpose

Rc.10735 Dt 07.11.12 APREI – Particulars of Nonteaching Staff

Rc.934 dt 05.11.12 APREIS-Forwarding of proposals for issue of NOC to obtain Indian pass portrenewal of Pass portobtain of visa

Rc.4812 Dt 05.11.12 Minority Residential Schools Review meeting Postponed

Rc.610 Dt 10.10.12 RTE, ACT-Conducting of Parents committee meetings at all KGBV schools in the month of NOVEMBER 2012

Rc.1 Dt 03.11.12 Implementation of Boiometric Attendance system in KGBV School

Rc.2 Dt 03.11.12 Implementation of Biometric Atendance system in APR Schools

Dt 30.10.12 One Day Training Programme at CGG on Human Resource Management System on 06.10.2012

Dt 18.10.12 Furnish functioning of Reliance net working connections school wise pertaining to KGBVs in the State

Rc.4812 dt 11.10.12 APR Schools for Minorities- Review meeting on 07.11.2012-Reg.

Rc.6 Dt 11.10.12 Detailed report on balance amount with the BC schools

Dt 06.10.12 APREIs-Utilization of RVM/RMSA funds

Rc.4812 dt 06.10.12 APREIs-Minority Residnetial schools-Implementation of 1st lang -certain guidelines to the Principals

Rc.01 dt 06.10.12 APR Schools & KGBVs- Revised Dassera and Bakrid Vacation Scedule- Instructions issued-Reg.

RC.177 dt 20.09.2012 Admissions to HIV affected Children

RC.346 dt 17.09.2012 State Monitoring Teams Visit

dt 20.09.2012 Norms for Rationalisatioin of Teachers in Aided Schools

Go.Ms.85 dt:20-09-12 Aided - Judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court dt.06.09.2011 in SLP No.95412007 – Permission for approval of certain selections absorptions

RC.149 dt 15.09.2012 SSC Fee Details

RC.527 dt:18-09-12 Primary Level CRC Meetings in Sep-2012 through Teleconference Mode

Rc.84 dt:17-09-12 High School HMs, MEOs are competent to Sanction Maternity Leaves for Lady Teachers

RC.5 dt 17.09.2012 Implementing SWASTH Programme in 175 KGBVs

RC.593 dt 15.09.2012 Support DIETs Release of Funds

GO.536 dt 15-9-12 Constitution of a Committee for State Lavel for Scrutiny of Proposals of IDMI Scheme

RC.484 dt 15.09.2012 DISE Schedule

RC.205 dt 15.09.2012 Closure of Aided Schools

Proposed Road Map For Issue Health Cards by JAC dt 14.09.2012

RC.631 dt 14.09.2012 Supply Of Book Kreeda Krutya Malika

Memo.9440 dt 07.09.2012 DTA Clarifications on awarding SPP-IB to the Teachers not qualified to get SPP-II

RC.450 dt 21-08-12 Supply of Progress Reports for I-VIII Classes 2012-13

GO.Ms.83 dt 13.09.2012 Reviewing Of Six Point Formula

GO.Rt.532 dt 13.09.2012 355 Girls Hostels Construction in Economically Backward Blocks

RC.94 dt 11.09.2012 Deputed SGTs List For CAL Training RPs

Rc.54 dt:12-094-12 Follow Tribunal Orders on SA Languages Promotions

RC.229 dt 11.09.2012 Availability of Distance Learning Infrastructure at DIETs

GO.Ms.355 dt 11.09.2012 New Head of Ac for Mpl Teachers Medical Reimbursement for permitting for Health Cards

RC.281 dt 16.08.2012 DISE Training

Rc.211 dt:10-09-12 Certain instructions on monitoring of “Meena Prapancham”: Radio Programme

RC.142 dt 08.05.2012 Summer Training Preservation of ELs(Original Copy)

RC.233 dt06-09-12 Payment of Escort allowance (@250 Per Month) th The Children With Spl Need (CWSN)

RVM Nirmala Vidyalaya Awards - 2012

GO.Ms.348 dt 06.09.2012 Two Notional Increments for Muncipal Teachers RC.286 dt05-09-12 Bi-Cycles to The Children Without UP Schooling Facility Witin 3 Kms Distance

Go.Ms.250 dt:06-09-12 NEW PENSION SYSTEM - Contributory Pension Scheme Implementation of New Pension System (NPS) in the State

RC.1063 dt 30.08.2012 HM is Responsible to Provide Eggs Twice in a Week

Rc.No.476 dt:05.09.2012 KGBV Teachers Training Program in September & October

RC.319 dt 01.09.2012 Praposals Called for Vidya Volunteers for High Schools

RC.3830 dt 04.09.2012 Furnish DDO Deatils for EHF Scheme

GO.Ms.245 dt 04.09.2012 Certain Amendments to Pension Rules - 1980

RC.310 dt 30.08.2012 Positioning Addtional VV Where Enrollment 101-120 in PS

RC.368 dt 01.09.2012 Teachers Day Celebrations by SMC

RC.482 dt 01.09.2012 Conductin School Complexes and Constitute Monitoring Teams

GO.Ms.No.66 dt:03-09-12 The AP UN-Aided Non-Minority ProfeesionalInstitutions Rules 2011–12

Rc No.4812 dt:01-09-12 APR Schools- Langague Pattern in Minority Schools & Engagement of Telugu Teacher where SKT teacher is not available on part time basis

RC.310 dt 01.09.2012 Comunicating State Best Teacher Awrd Details to DEOs

GO.MS.30 dt:31-08-12 Reimbursement of Tuition Fees to Engineering Coursesfor 2012-13– Orders – Issued

RC.1210 Dt.29-08-12 Verification Fee Collection in Pvt.Schools Within a Week

GO MS NO: 228, Dt: 24.8.12, Application & Guidelines Of E-Pension & Provident Fund Final Withdrawal

RC.26 dt 28.08.2012 Engaging Part Time Instructors for Art,Health,Physical Education Guidelines

RC.1584 dt 27.08.2012 APRIS Siksha Sastry is Equal to B.Ed fo the Purpose AAS

Rc.2 Introduction of BIO METRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM in APRI Schools

Rc.367 27August - Relieve all MRPs on 31st August to Join in their Schools

RC.111 dt 25.08.2012 15 days CAL Training Programme to Resource Persons

RC.919 dt 22.08.2012 Merging UP Schools into Near Success Schools Praposals Called

RC.450 dt 25.08.2012 Communicating Model Unit an Terminal Test Paoers

Vidya Volunteers Salary Aquittance

GO.Ms.228 dt 24.08.2012 Guidelines on Electrinic Pension cum PF Withdrawl Application

GO.Ms.70 dt 24.08.2012 Filling 50% Vacancies in Grandhalayas on Regular Basis

CCE Model Progress Report Card by SSA

Circular No 5730 Rule Of Reservatn in The Recruitment of CRPs & MIS Coordinators

RC.2138 dt 18.08.2012 Proposals to appoint Remainig Vacancies in DSC 2002

G.O Rt 461 dt:22-08-2012 The Ap Right of Children for Free and Compulsory Education Rules

G.O Ms 26 dt: 22-08-2012 Counting of Two (2) years apprentice period of Teachers for the purpose of sanction of notional increments

GO.Rt.454 dt 18.08.2012 Constituted Comitte fo State Best Teacher Award

RC.527 dt 16.08.2012 Complex Meetings on 22nd and 24th

Engaging Vidya Volunteers Guidelines 2012-13

Rc.463, Dt 16/8 - SPD Instructions on LEP / Evaluation as per CCE / READ Program / Monitorings

RC.206 dt 14.08.2012 Furnish Non Teaching Staff Particulars

GO.Ms.186 dt 14.08.2012 Health Care Scheme Operational Guidelines

GO.Ms.184 dt 14.08.2012 Implementation of Healthcare Fund Scheme

Guidelines, Applications For the CRPs ans MIS Co ordinators

RC.309 dt 08.08.2012 Strengthening of ECE Centers

Handbook Of Instructions DSC-12 Test

GO.Ms.74 dt 09.08.2012 2% Reservations to Sports Persons in Direct Recruitment

Memo.5176 dt 28.04.2012 MRC Auditing by State Level C.As

Certificate For VIII Class in UP Schools (Fair Copy)

GO.Rt.427 08.08.2012 Providing MDM to NCLP Children

Guidelines for the post of MIS Co-ordinator and CRP's

Memo.2480 dt 13.07.2012 Publicity to Honour our National Flag

RC.415 dt 07.08.2012 Conducting of School Complexes

Revised Guidelines for Implemention of KGBVs fot the Year 2012-13

RC.450 dt 07.08.2012 State Level Work Shop on Baseline Test Papers Preparation

RC.478 dt 03.08.2012 Providing Uniforms to CWSN Children

RC.528 dt 04.08.2012 Notification for the Post Of Divisional Level Monitoring Team

RC.1135 dt 30.07.2012 Stoptage of Purchase of Maths - Science Kits Under RMSA School Grant

RC.111 Dt 01-8-2012 Meena Prapancham Radio Program for KGBVS (VI to VIII)

RC_160 Dt:23-06-2012 MDM New Menu

G.O No.63 Primary Schools New Time Table.

RC.850 dt 01.08.2012 Submitt Proposals for Upgradation of UP

Rc.211 Dt:04-08-2012 Teleconference on meena radio Program on 09-08-2012

RC.608 dt 01.08.2012 QuEST Programme for Tribal Schools Children

GO_414 Dt:02-08-2012 Restrooms in the Remaining four Dists for Girls

GO.Rt.410 dt 02.08.2012 MDM Enhanced Rates from 01.07.2012

GO.Rt.409 dt 02.08.2012 Comitte on Textbook Revision

GO.Ms.64 dt 01.08.2012 AOSS Open Basic Education

Painting Competetion on Water Conservation

GO.Rt.405 dt 01.08.2012 State, District Level Task force on School Snitation

G.O.400 Dt:31-07-2012 Smt. B. Seshu Kumari, is posted as Additional Director, AP Models Schools

G.O.399 Dt:30-07-2012 RTI-Act Edu-Dept-Designation of Officers_Revised Orders

CCE Progress Report for Primary Schools

DSC-2012 District wise Applied Candidates Number Post wise

Rc.No.70/SCERT,Dt 26th July-SCERT Clarification on Conducting 1st UT on CCE base from I to VIII Classes

Submission of Aided Schools Information proforma

Rc 3137 Dt.13.07.2012 Fill up the Vacancies in High Schools Arised Due to Transfers

GO.Ms.62 dt 23.07.2012 Revision of Text Books Certain Instructions

GO.Ms.196 dt 24.07.2012 CPS Details Entry Instructions

Rc.No.443 Dt:23-07-2012 Guilines in Telugu to Implement Various NPEGEL Programmes at

MCS Schools Released

RC.204 dt 23.07.2012 CAL Training on 24.07.2012

Mem.947 July 17th Muslim employees can leave offices One hour permission During Ramzan for teachers

RC.NO.201 dt:9.7.2012 From July 21 to Aug 20 Urdu School Timings RAMZAN Timings 8am to 1.30pm

Aided 2nd Quarter Budget Release

Guidelines for Utilization of various Grants of RVM 2012-13

RC.365 dt 17.07.2012 UP Sports Material Revised Instrctions

GO.Rt.356 dt 12.07.2012 211.63 Crores Released For Kitchen cum Store RoomRC.365 dt 17.07.2012 UP Sports Material Revised Instrctions

GO.Ms.181 dt 10.07.2012 Imposed Ban on Transfers

RC.211 dt 16.07.2012 One day Training Programme on Meena Prapancham

RC.240 dt 30.06.2012 MDM Inspection - Visit Proformas

Rc 3137 Dt.13.07.2012 Fill up the Vacancies in High Schools Arised Due to Transfers

GO.56 All SGT Vacancies Shell Be Notified Without Blocking

GO.55 Dt:05-07-2012 Inclusion of VII Class in AP Schools 2011-2012

GO.Ms.No.179 dt 05.07.2012  Pension – Dearness Relief to Pensioners with effect from 01.01.2012 – Revised - Orders – Issued

GO.Ms.No.178 dt 04.07.2012  5.992% D.A Enhanced

GO.330 Dt.28-6-2012 Upgradation of MPUP &Govt UP Schools in to High Schools


RC.310 dt 27.06.2012 Engaging VVs Qualifications Relaxation

GO.Rt.316 dt 22.06.2012 Comitte for Viewieng Srengthenig SCERT Report

GO.Rt.2735 dt 16.06.2012 Provident Fund Interest Rate Enhanced From 8.6% to 8.8%

Memo.13727 dt 03.07.2012 MRP Service on Outsource Basis

RC.170 dt 10.07.2012 Inclusion 8th Class in Upper Primary Schools

RC.367 dt 09.07.2012 3yrs Completed MRPs Continuation Orders till Aug 31st

RC.390 dt 06.07.2012 School helath day on 13th


Lr.No.255 dt 09.07.2012 to SMC - Paymment For Uniforms Cloth

RC.265 dt 04.07.2012 Inspire Award Details

Last Pay Certificate

Non Drawal Cerificate

Endt 1438 dt 05.07.2012 DTA Comunicated Letter to All DTOs on DSC Notional Increments

Vindam - Nerchukundam Schedule 2012 - 13

Muncipal Teacher Transfers Memo, Proceeding, Proforma

Enhanced DA-Ready Reckoner

Memo.5176 dt MRCs Auditing on 2010-11 Grants

Lr.No.105 dt 05.07.2012 Video Conference to District Officers on 06.07.2012

RC.204 dt 05.07.2012 Teleconference On Fortnight to MEO, MRP, All PS HMs

RC.298 dt 06.06.2012 National Education Day on Every Year

RC.RJC dt 03.07.2012 APRJC Calendar Of Events 2012-13

RC.415 dt 30.06.2012 Training to School Complex H.Ms and Secretaries

RC.3137 dt 02.07.2012 DSE Clarifications on Some Issues

GO_55 Dt:05-07-2012 Inclusion of VII Class in AP Schools 2011-2012

Muncipal Teacher Transfers Memo, Proceeding, Proforma
RC.298 dt 06.06.2012 National Education Day on Every Year

 Enhanced DA-Ready Reckoner

GO.Ms.No.178 dt 04.07.2012 5.992% D.A Enhanced

RC.RJC dt 03.07.2012 APRJC Calendar Of Events 2012-13

RC.415 dt 30.06.2012 Training to School Complex H.Ms and Secretaries

Memo.5176 dt MRCs Auditing on 2010-11 Grants

RC.3137 dt 02.07.2012 DSE Clarifications on Some Issues

RC.3137 dt.2.7.12 Further Instructions on Transfers

RC.415 dt 30.06.2012 Training to School Complex H.Ms and Secretaries.

Special Education Fortnight Activities July 9th - July 21stRc.No.3137 Dt272012-DSE Guidlines on transfers schedule

Base Line Achieviement Proforma Status After Base Line Proforma



Municipl Teachrs Notional Incrmnts Memo.14877 dt.25Jun

htmAcademic Calender 2012-2013 High Schools.htm

GO.Rt.316 dt 22.06.2012 Comitte for Viewieng Srengthenig SCERT Report
School Admission Form (Fair Copy)
Transfers Application Form

New Admission from SSA for the academic year 2012-13
Uniform Measurement Details for I to VIII Classes prescribed by RVM

Memo.462 dt 15.06.2012 Buy Sanitation Material From Maintinencece Grant
APRJC Counselling Renumeration Details 2012
Automatic Advancement Scheme to the Category III Teachers Who Crossed 50 Years age
GO.Rt.2735 dt 16.06.2012 Provident Fund Interest Rate Enhanced From 8.6% to 8.8%
Lr.RC.70 dt 13.06.2012 SCF-2011 , RTE - 2009
RC.1292 dt 16.06.2012 MEO Transfers Guidelines
RC.3137 dt 16.06.2012 Transfers Schedule
Rc.No.3337 dt 20.06.2012 Socaial Welfare Employees EL Preservation

Teachers Transfer Guidelines in Telugu dt 16.06.2012

GO.Ms.38 dt 16.06.2012 Teachers Transfers Guidelines
RC.310,dt.15.6.2012 Engaging VVs in PS and UP Schools Additional Guidelines
RC.3337 dt 11.06.2012 Summer Vacation ELs Preservation of Social Welfre Employees
Circ.322 dt 14.06.2012 Special Enrollment Drive, Day Wise Schedule During the year 2012

Memo.No.20214 dt 04.01.2012 E.L.for Election Related Work (Edn Dept Standard Memo)

RC.5273 dt 13.06.2012 Social Welfare State Best Teacher Award Guidelines, Application

RC.31 dt 08.06.2012 CRT, PET Selection Guidelines in KGBVS

RC.336 dt 11.06.2012 Social Welfare Employees Transfer Schedule

GO.Ms.153 Amendment to Lifting ban on Transfers G.O

RC.249 dt 12.06.2012 Video Conference to HMs, MEOs, MRPs on School Readiness Programme

GO.Ms.152 Economy Expendinture For the Financial Year 2012- 13

Revised Education Fortnight Gidelines 18th June to 2nd July

GO.Rt.421 dt 11.06.2012 Social Welfare Teaching Non Teaching Staff Transfers Guidelines

Memo.1256 dt 02.06.2012 Modified Guidelines to Draw SMC Grants (Original)

GO.Ms.151 dt 08.06.2012 Pensions Payment Of Gratuity

GO.Ms.148 dt 06.06.2012 APGIS Interest Rate Enhancetd to 8.6%

Rc.31/E1-1/2011 Dated-7June Reopening Of Schools on 13Th June in Bye Elections Districts
Rc.k25278 Transfer Schedule For Tribal Welfare Teachers

G.O.Ms.No.146 Dt.01-06-2012 Lifting of Ban on Transfers

Education fortnight(13th to 27th June) Guidelines

RVM Primary Schools Training English Trainers Package by SSA - 2012

RC.255 dt 03.05.12 Uniforms Guidelines
RC.310 dt 17.05.2012 Engaging VV's During the Year 2012-2013
GO.Rt.2285 dt 18.05.2012 No Need to Consult Vigilence Dept If Suspension Period Greater than 2 Years
Rc.638 Dated 17.5.12 - Enhancement of DATA Entry Operators Remuneration at MRCs and DPOs of RVM

G.O 2425Dt 10 May-Enhancement of Rate of Interest on GPF, ApGLI at 8.6% w.e.f 1st Dec 2011.
G.O. 200 Dt 10 May- Deletion of PRE AUDIT of SALARIES of Employees of Municipalties/Corporation.

RC.2409/D2-2.DSC Instructions to DEO's and RJD's on APAT Orders Recording GO.610

G.O 220 Dtd 1/5 RTE Providing 25% Seats For Poor Children 8 Member Committee to Submit Report

Rc.628 Dated 24Aprl Continuing 3Yers Completed MRPs Temporally till 30June Various Programs Of RVM.

Memo No.5465 Dt 14/3/12 - Stepping of Senior with Junior after availing AAS and FR22B-Clarifications

PFRDA Discussion issues at Delhi Conference on 19/04/12

Rc.212 KGBV CRTs are eligible for 120 days Maternity Leave without paying remuneration

Teachers Trainings in June 2012 Guidelines and Schedule

Rc.21542 - Creation of 440 Additional SA Posts under RMSA for Municipal Adm Schools

GO.90 Dt 2/4/12 - Permission to fill 2677 Panchayat Secretaries through Direct Selection Committee

Click Here For Health Cards Schemes Details in Telugu

Half Day Schools From 16.03.2012



APPSC Dept. Test. GOT88-97 Results (Held in Dec-11)

Latest Updates Here

MRP Service Reference Old GOs

Applications are invited for Contract resident teachers, Special teachers in APSW Residential institutes

more details visit:

Applications are invited for the posts of Sectoral Officers in the District Project Offices of Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA)

  • The last date for submission of applications is 21-07-2012. 

  • Eligibility Criteria, Selection Procedure & Syllubus for written tes Download

please visit website :


Andhra Pradesh Direct Recruitment for the posts of Teachers (Scheme of Selection) Rules, 2012 issued in G.O.Ms.No.4 dt.09.01.2012, the revised schedule for DSC 2012 is issued as below:

Revised Schedule of DSC-2012:

1. Last date for Payment of Fee at AP Online or e-Seva Extended up to 12-07-2012

2. Last date for submission of application Online Extended up to 13-07-2012

3. Downloading of Hall Tickets 14-08-2012 onwards

for more details visit:

Departmental Tests May-2012 Results










088 & 097

Departmental Test for Gazetted Officers of the Education Department



Results are Released



(APTET) Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test Results 2012 Click Here

IGNOU M.Ed., - 2013 Admission Notification Released

M.Ed is a two-year professional programme, designed and developed jointly by the Distance Education Council (DEC), IGNOU and National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE).

  • Minimum Duration: 2 Years  ,          Maximum Duration: 4 Years
  • Course Fee: Rs. 36,000  ,                       Eligibility:- 55%  in BEd./BElEd

  • Minimum Age: No bar   ,                       Maximum Age: No bar 

  • Application Cost: Rs.500/-

  • Last Date to submit filled in application form to the concerned regional centre: 15th July, 2012

  • For prospectus & more details visit Muslim minority Pre Matric scholarships 2012-2013

Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd. has announced the Govt. of India Pre -Matric Scholarship 2012-13 Online Applications for the academic year 2012-2013. Pre Metric scholarship 2012-2013 for the economically backward minority students studying in classes 6th to 10th. GOI PRE MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP ONLINE ENTRY 2012-13 Last Date for online Registration 30-06-2012.

APSMFC 2012-2013 year Muslim minority Scholarships Last Date for online Registration is 30-06-2012. 
APSMFC Pre Matric Scholarship Online application available at


IIIT - 2012 Admission Notification Released from Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT)

Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT) invites applications from eligible candidates for admission into the first year of its six year integrated programme 2012, leading to B.Tech. degree, at it's three RGUKT (IIITs) located at Basar, Nuzvid and R.K. Valley. This year's total intake into the first year is 3,000. The annual highly subsidized fee for each of the first two years for AP students is Rs.36,000/-. Detailed Notification, Admission Procedure & Guidelines to fill the application given below.

Important Dates:

  • Online Application commences from : 11-06-2012 

  • Last date for receiving online application by RGUKT : 30-06-2012 

  • Last date for receipt of printed online applications : 04-07-2012 

  • Display of Selection List for Counselling : 13-07-2012 

  • Counselling dates at RGUKT IIITs : 26th & 27th July 2012 

  • Starting of classes (for 2012 Batch) : 30-07-2012


Grading in SSC: end to mad race for ranks ... Source: thehindu

Moulana Azad Urdu University Notification

Admission Notification for the Academic year 2012-2013

Prospectus for the Academic year 2012-2013

Admission Application form 2012-2013


 Candidates can apply for DIETCET – 2012 to be held on Sunday, 08.07.2012 ‘ONLINE’ only through DIETCET website from 26.04.2012.

Schedule Of Examination:




08.07.2012 (Sunday)

10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

2 Hours


Model Schools Admission Nofication for VI, VII, VIII and XI Classes from Academic Year 2012-13

List of Model Schools & More details at

LPCET (Language Pandit Common Entrance Test) - 2012 Notification

For more updates on LPCET 2012 Notification



Govt. of A.P. started  Online Entry for Multipurpose Health Cards to Pensioners also.  Pensioners can upload their and Dependants data & Photos for Multipurpose Health Cards.
To upload data
1) Open Treasury Website 
2) Click Net Services To Public
3) Click on Employee Operations
4) Click on Multipurpose Card

  • Application for Multipurpose Health Card Click Here 

  • For Online Apply Click Here

  • AP 10th Class Mark List Download, Download Duplicate SSC Certificate from  CLICK HERE

ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ సాంఘిక సంక్షేమ పాటశాలల్లో 5 వ తరగతిలో (ఇంగ్లీష్ మీడియం - స్టేట్ సిలబస్) 2012 - 13 విద్యాసంవత్సరానికి ప్రవేశ ప్రకటన DOWNLOAD


Fee and submission of Application Online:

The fee prescribed for appearing for APTET (including examination fee) is Rs. 300/- for only Paper-I or only Paper-II or both. Candidates can pay the fee through APONLINE or e-Seva centers between 21.03.2012 and 11.04.2012 and submit online application at the APTET website between 22.03.2012 and 12.04.2012.

More details & User Guide available at  


AP TET May -2012 Examination Schedule:

APPSC Dept. Test. GOT88-97 Results (Held in Dec-11)

NTPC Recruitment 2012 – Apply Online for Executive Trainee Vacancies:

            NTPC Vacancy details:-
No. of Vacancies: 60
Names of Posts:-
1. Executive Trainees (Human Resources) – 25 vacancies
2. Executive Trainees (Finance) – 35 vacancies

more information

Click Here for Online Application form

Health Card Model Application DOWNLOAD

S.S.C Public Examinations - March 2012 Halltickets Download


G.O.Ms.No. 70, Dated: 21/03/2012  - SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – RMSA - Government Secondary Schools – Creation of 9,569 School Assistant posts under RMSA – Orders – Issued – Further Orders on Drawal of salaries and reimbursement of Central Share of the expenditure on salaries DOWNLOAD

New DA released for A.P State Govt Employees.

Memo.034408-50Yrs completed Teachers should acquire Prescribed Qualifications for 24years SPP-II Scale page
Muncipal techers eligibl for HPL_clarification

Recruitment for the Officers' cadre and Non-teaching posts for 2011-12 in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangthan(KVS)

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangthan(KVS) invites applications from the Indian Citizens for the recruitment to the Officers Cadre and Non-Teaching posts for the year 2011-2012.

Application Fee :  
Rs. 1200/- for the posts of Principal, Finance Officer and Administrative Officer to be deposited in the Indian Bank account number 405046333, Mehrauli Institutional Area, New Delhi by a challan/ electronic transfer. No fee for SC/ST/Ex-SM/PH candidates.

Last date to apply : 14.03.2012

Date of Written test (tentative) : 22.04.2012

How to apply:
Candidates have to register Online through the website only between 14.02.2012 to 14.03.2012.

For Detailed Educational Qualifications, Detailes of Vacancies, Pay Scales, Exam Schedule, Syllabus of Examination & other details please log on to the following link


  • Sale Of Application Form 24-02-2012
  • Last Date Sale Of Application 29-03-2012
  • Entrance Test 18-05-2012
  • More Details

Press Release for Notification No. May 2012 , Departmental Tests,May-2012 Session

The Brief Notification pertaining to the Departmental Tests for May 2012 Session will be held at 22 District Head Quarters (Except Ranga Reddy District which is clubbed with Hyderabad centre)from 10-5-2012 to15-5-2012 is here with issued.

 The Candidates shall apply for the Departmental Tests through ON-LINE
2-03-2012 to 28-03-2012 (from 2-03-2012 to 24-03-2012 for payment of fees)

details are available in the Commission’s Website from 28-2-2012.




GATE - 2012 Question Papers & Answer Keys



Govt. released INFORMATION BULLETIN regarding DSC 2012 Examination. The below mentioned topics are covered in the information bulletin.

1. Application Process
2. Schedule of written test
3. Method of Recruitment
4. Post wise Qualifications (Academic & Professional)
5. Cadre & Post wise SYLLABUS (Detailed syllabus will be made available on 06-02-2012)


APDSC-2012 Notification
DSC 2012 Vacancies

GO.12 30/1-Amendments to New DSC Recruitment Rules(GO.4)-No need of Inter subjects etc.

GO.13 30/1 - Permission to fill 30% of RMSA posts (3300) and Consequential vacancies through Direct Recruitment

School Education Department – Public Services – Direct Recruitment for additional Teacher posts sanctioned under Rashtriya Madyamika Shiksha Abhiyan by District Selection Committee – Permission accorded to notify and fill up the vacancies - Orders – Issued.


Name Of The Categroy



School Assistent



Language Pandit



Secondry Grade Teacher








Notification For Recruitment Of Principals, Post Graduate And Trained Graduate Teachers-2012 For Model Schools (Notification No.01/RMSA/Model Schools/2012 dt.06-02-2012). DOWNLOAD
Information Bulletin DOWNLOAD

* APPLICATION to be made available on website from 29-02-2012 to 16-03-2012

* ONLINE APPLICATION be made available from 28.02.2012.

* 1/3 of the posts may be filled by Deputation from persons working in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan/Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samithi/ Central schools

* Application fee Rs.250/- for each post through APONLINE or e-seva between 28-02-2012 to 15-03-2012.

* The last date for payment of fee is 15.03.2012 and the last date for submission of application online is 16.03.2012.

* For more details visit ,



Sl No: Posts         Scale Of Pay Method Of Recruitment
1 Principals Rs.20680-46960/  Direct Recruitment
2 PGTs  Rs.16150-42590/-  Direct Recruitment
3 TGTs Rs.14860-39540/-  Direct Recruitment


Government vide G.O.Ms.No.25 , Dated:.02.02.2012 has sanctioned D.A. DOWNLOAD

List of Black Money Holders from Wiki Leaks-03-08-2011  DOWNLOAD

Shri Kapil Sibal Launches Mid Day Meal Schemes Web Site





AP VRO, AP VRA 2012 Hall tickets for examination on 19.02.2012



GO.25 18/1- New SSC C-Centers approved for 2012 DOWNLOAD

Allotment Of 314 Posts Of SGTS(UM) to Open Competition GO.7 Date:18:01:2012 DOWNLOAD

Rc.54/D-1 Dated 17/1/2011 Promotions to new RMSA Posts - New Guidelines DOWNLOAD


Teachers Tentative Promotion Schedule - January 2012

Rc.No.54/D1-4/2012 Dated: 11.01.2012 - APSES – Filling up the Head Master Grade –II  – Orders - DOWNLOAD

New Rules & Additional Qualifications 2012 for DSC


G.O.Ms.No.4, Dated: 09.01.2012 -  (DSC) New Rules & Additional Qualifications  2012 – Orders DOWNLOAD

Modiffied Orders on G.O. No. 3 for School Assistant Posts in 70:30 Ratio


G.O.Ms.No. 7, Dated: 09-01-2012 - SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – RMSA – Creation and sanction of 9,569 School Assistant additional Teacher posts in the existing Government Secondary Schools in the State under “RMSA” – Orders – Issued – Modified Orders DOWNLOAD

GO.907 Dt: 23/12 Supply Sanitary Napkins to 7,8th Class of Govt. Schools
GO 4/9/1 Guidlines and Qualification Rules New DSC
Application IITs.pdf (118,4 kB)
RAMS SA Post Sanction Go.No.3
Direct Recuritment Rules Go.No.4
RAMS SA Post Modified fror Go.No.7
Promotion Shedule Rc.No.54
Students Progress Programme

AccountTestForHeadMaster and HeadMistressApplicationForm
APRENTICE -A4 13(1).10.2011


Copy of preponement

Copy of Releiving Joining Orders Modified live tested
LEP Format Pri, UP - HS.xls (715 kB)
LEP Format Pri, UP - HS
SSC age_exemption-ssc-1.doc


GO.159 Dt.161111-Permission to Notifiy Vacancies for New DSC for 11139 Posts

GO.814 111111-Amendment to URDU SGT Limited Teacher Posts Vacancies

GO.814 111111-Amendment to URDU SGT Limited Teacher Posts Vacancies

GO.887 31111-Filling Up of 1401 Teacher posts in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools by way of Direct Recruitment


LEP related Charts

Rc.412-Dir-SCERT-Conducting Dist Level Science Fairs in Nov'2011-Guidelines and Themes-Sub Themes-Reg

Roc.3843-Orders to Regional Director to Instruct Municipal Commissioners for Implementation of 2Notional Increments to Mpl Trs

SMC Formation-Rules-Power Point Presentation